The PBSP team takes part in the dissemination of knowledge by engaging the broader audience. Here you will find interesting resources about our research for student and the general public.

    • Uncovering the building blocks of the universe by E. Hammou, L. Mantani, M. Morales, M. Ubiali, Pint of Science 2024 (slides).


    • Quantum entanglement at high energy colliders by Luca Mantani, STEM for Britain 2023
    • New physics in the evolution of the proton structure by Manuel Morales Alvarado, STEM for Britain 2023
    • BlueSci 55 – Frontiers at the Large Hadron Collider by Manuel Morales Alvarado (link). 
    • BlueSci 54 – Acculturation in the Life of an International Student by Manuel Morales Alvarado (link). 
    • Can new forces hide inside the proton? by Luca Mantani, Cambride Postdoc Showcase (slides). 

BUSSTEPP 2021 lectures by Maria Ubiali:

    • Lecture 1 (basics of collider phenomenology, basics of QCD, and partonic cross sections). 
    • Lecture 2 (parton distribution functions). 
    • Lectures 3 and 4 (parton showers, hadronisation, jets, direct and indirect searches, and the EFT expansion). 

Newnham 150th anniversary a film featuring Maria Ubiali:




 The PBPS project acknowledges the support of the European Research Council (ERC) and the European Commission.