Here you can find publications in which the PBSP team has been involved. 

  • Hide and seek: how PDFs can conceal New Physics by E. Hammou, Z. Kassabov, M. Madigan, M. L. Mangano, L. Mantani,  J. Moore, M. Morales Alvarado, and M. Ubiali  [arXiv:2307.10370].
  • The top quark legacy of the LHC Run II for PDF and SMEFT analyses by Z. Kassabov, M. Madigan, L. Mantani, J. Moore, M. Morales Alvarado, J. Rojo, and M. Ubiali  [arXiv:2303.06159].
  • The dark side of the proton by M. McCullough, J. Moore, and M. Ubiali [arXiv:2203.12628].
  • A new generation of simultaneous fits to LHC data using deep learning by S. Iranipour and M. Ubiali [arXiv:2201.07240].
  • Parton distributions in the SMEFT from high-energy Drell-Yan tails by A. Greljo, S. Iranipour, Z. Kassabov, M. Madigan, J. Moore,  J. Rojo, M. Ubiali, and C. Voisey [arXiv:2104.02723].
  • Can New Physics Hide inside the Proton? by S. Carrazza, C. Degrande, S. Iranipour, J. Rojo, and M. Ubiali.
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 123 (2019) 13, 1320021 [arxiv:1905.05215]. 



 The PBSP project acknowledges the support of the European Research Council (ERC) and the European Commission.